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Smile Gallery

Is there something you’d like to change about your smile? Whether it’s a cosmetic problem or an oral health concern, we’ve got the solution you need. Over the years we’ve helped our patients reach their goals of a healthy, beautiful smile. We know that seeing is believing, so we’re sharing a few examples of the smile transformations we’ve achieved for our happy patients. 

Case 1
She presented as a 59 year old female with old white fillings in her upper anterior teeth. She wanted to have a white smile to match several crowns that I had done over the last few years. She was actually referred to me by a plastic surgeon for seve...[Read More]
Case 2
This 57 y/o female who had several crowns and implants placed over the years. A few of the crowns had been replaced more than once, but they continued to break. She finally decided to have it "done right", so full mouth restoration was completed on h...[Read More]
Case 3
This 35 y/o male did not like how dark his front teeth were. He had large white fillings done on the teeth years ago, but he wanted them to look whiter and did not want to have to worry about them falling apart over time. For this reason crowns were...[Read More]